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Guide to use and store a faux fur:

• Firstly, faux fur likes freedom. Storage trunks, suitcases and cramped wardrobe wrinkle the fur and leave visible bend lines. Fur product should be stored in a hanging position, preferably packed in a paper bag, in the wardrobe, where fur product will be free enough and the pile wouldn’t be wrinkled. The wardrobe should be cleaned and ventilated. In the faux fur moth doesn’t live. Also there should be dry in the wardrobe.

• Do not hang a heavy bag on the shoulder, to avoid the appearance of wiped fur. So the coat will serve you longer.

• In order to prevent pile dumping it is sometimes recommended to brush fur in the direction of pile, using brush with sharp teeth (better metallic one). In order to avoid removing of the pile, you should brush carefully, touching only fiber ends and not deepening brush inside the pile.

• If the moisture appeared on the fur coat, it should be shaken, remove all moisture with a swab or a paralon brush. Then brush lightly in the direction of pile. It is recommended to dry fur at room temperature, away from heating devices.

• Local pollution can be removed with a washing powder (2-3 teaspoons per 1 liter of water at a temperature not above 40 degrees).

• Dusty fur coat (for example, when you take it before winter) it is better to beat off. Put the coat on the bed sheet, fur down and beat.

• Products made of white faux fur sometimes turn yellow, they can be cleaned with a brush soaked in a lemon juice and water in equal proportions. Or just wash it in the washing machine.

• It’s not recommended to wash faux astrakhan products with mixtures containing benzene, acetone and artificial essence.

• In case of heavy contamination of fur, it should be taken to the dry-cleaner.

• You cannot iron the fur, as well as expose it to strong heating (for example, battery or seat of a car with strong heating), because the pile can be crumpled.